Taking rest & moving on…

My Nomadic Yoga Soul blog is currently on hold, until further notice. Feel free to check out past blog yoga and travel entries – and I hope you enjoy them!

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Time-out in 2012

Things will be deliciously quiet on the Nomadic Yoga Soul blog (well for just a little while…)

Everyone needs a little Time Out 🙂

Maybe think of taking your own “time-out”…  Retreat and Rejuvenate… Dream and Imagine… Manifest and Vision… Play… Dance… Be.

Sending Blessings & Good Wishes! Rani x

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“By all these lovely tok…

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here,

With summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.”




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When the Universe Kicks Your Arse. (July 2012)

In my last blog, at the end of April, I wrote about “The Benefit of Retreat.”

I suppose it might seem that I have been retreating myself – given we are now into July! However, the truth lays somewhere in the middle…

I have enjoyed May traveling in France & Spain with both quiet retreat-like times, as well as active and very social times. However, coming home to Ireland in June, I was surrounded by an unexpected whirlwind of activity!

The last weeks at home have been full of inspiring, artistic and creative pursuits, including a bit of getting back into my next wave of yoga happenings and most of all there has been an abundance of fun, friends and madness. And I have definitely also enjoyed what is often considered the bolder indulgences of life.  Clearly my inner conscious hedon, or maybe a bit more of my hedon, is alive and well at the moment.

It as been amazing – I have meet, connected and re-connected with so many inspiring people and I feel and know that a new wave of expansion is coming into my life!

I often get caught up in the frenzy of activity and the excitement of feeling this wave. I can push myself a bit too far or busy myself unnecessarily. It could be by going for the extra night out I didn’t need, or perhaps I take on an extra responsibility before considering if it is within my current capacity or higher aspirations.

So with this, one might say, it would be an ideal time to take a deep breathe. Enjoy the wave, but take your time. I feel this is the right thing for me to do, in fact I know it is.

Luckily, this is exactly when my inner voice usually speaks up, or if really needed gives me a push in the right direction.

Most recently, it gave me a push because that is what was needed. It came in the form of a wee cold, nothing too serious, just a reminder that it was time to slow just for a moment. And I felt and knew it would be smart to go slow for a just a day or two.

However, I didn’t really listen. I kept going, acting like a child who doesn’t want to go to bed, even though it is way past bedtime. (Party on….oops!)

So now, I find I am in bed resting (properly sick for the first time in over a year.) I could have gone the softer way with myself, but now I have no choice, this is what is happening now.

Ahhh well…it is clear that I have gotten a universal kick up the arse (ouch!) ensuring that I listen up to myself. (okay, I hear you…or umm…I hear me.)

I know what I need to self-nurture. Sometimes that means a little slow down, take a deep breathe, reflect, be good to yourself, let the thoughts flow and take time practice self-compassion.  (Sometimes, thankfully I also know that self-nurturing, for me, can mean time to dance & play – though not today!)

“Finding some quiet time in your life…is hugely important.” M. Hemingway

So, I accept and embrace it.

Admittedly, this lovely embracing attitude of calmly accepting my current state, was not how I felt or reacted initially. I was annoyed and feeling a little sorry for myself. After all I am only human, and I was so sad to cancel a Tuesday of Yoga classes, a Wednesday dinner with friends and the rest of the week is clearly going to be time by myself and with plenty of rest.

Take rest, Take rest, Take rest

But, I now see the blessings in it all and it is fact perfect timing. I am going to take the opportunity to enjoy my own personal “slow down, go further,” with plenty of time to reflect, reconnect and find my balance as I ride the wave of life.

Get into the Wave of Life & Join in on upcoming Yogarani Dynamic Rasa Yoga Flow: 
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THE BENEFIT OF RETREAT by Rani Sheilagh | Yogarani

I remember…

Full of nerves, I sent the email and booked myself into my very first yoga retreat.

I had no idea what to expect, I was excited but to be honest had my moments of wanting to back out as well. I was committed. I was going to head off to study yoga and to take time retreating, offering myself a different holiday experience.

When I arrived at the centre, I was greeted by a friendly reassuring smile, I felt like a child on the very first day of school, brimming over with curiosity and a belly full of butterflies.

I had heard many people say how beneficial going on a yoga retreat was – though I hadn’t really completely understood what they meant – but I was here now.

I unpacked and then went out to meet my fellow retreatees. Some were seasoned, many newbies, some solo and others coming with friends but everyone finding the lay of the land, like myself, before going to the yoga room for our first class together.

The first class was a perfect initiation, I was most pleased that I felt that I had done well, for a novice anyway, and was ready for the delicious meal that awaited us.

Over dinner, the same friendly face that welcomed me reviewed the weekly programme with the group. We also went through the retreat ‘rules’ which were really just a few things to remind us to be considerate, as we would all be sharing each others space…and amidst the chats and laughter…I knew I had arrived to a nurturing, positive and fun environment.

I was beginning to realise that I had truly embarked on a unique experience and as the weeks flew by the daily schedule was relaxed – while somehow supporting each of our own personal journeys – through yoga sessions, meditation, discussions, sharing meals while making new friends, with plenty of time for relaxing on my own as well.

Some days it felt easy and care free, while others were more challenging for me. By the end of the two weeks I was wishing I could stay longer and understood that the time I had taken on retreat would give me long-term benefits.

So what are the benefits of retreat?

Simply put, Yoga retreats give you the fun and adventure of a holiday; while at the same time ensure you feel refreshed and fully revitalized.

Retreat enables you to not only benefit for the months to follow but potentially for the rest of your life.  You will, surprisingly, discover your optimum vitality, learn to relax, reduce stress levels and experience rich relationships in life through Yoga retreat.

Retreats are normally off the beaten path. Most retreats are in locations where there is hardly any traffic or noise but for the sounds of the birds and of nature.

In an environment of harmony, you get a real chance to relax, meditate and experience the benefits of Yoga.

You will surely experience new dimensions of yourself that you may never before known existed; It was through retreat that I came to understand that to go on an inward journey of self-enquiry, within the exploration which is Yoga, is truly the greatest adventure of them all!


Retreat with Rani in France

Yogarani retreat always time for poolside lounging!

yogarani yoga retreat yoga holiday in france

Yogarani France retreat quiet, sunshine & stillness in the yoga room

For more details & information on all things Yogarani visit: www.yogarani.net

All rights reserved. Yogarani / Rani Sheilagh 25th April 2012, Please feel free to share this article, email, posting, but please give credit to the author. Thank you

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You are the Dream Catcher! (March 2012)

Another Full Moon day greeted us on the 8th of March as we welcome the murmurs of spring and are awakening from our winter hibernation.

Full moons, as always, are an opportunity for our personal Sadhana initiations and renewals.

I have also found that this month, I have been reminded to gaze into the night sky and am feeling the inherent connection we have to nature and to each other.

So, if you haven’t looked upwards in awhile, I urge you to do so and to drink in the moonshine, the stars and the spectacular planets that are visible in our current view of the night sky. It is nourishing to feel unity, to sense the connection to that universal energy we are all part of – and wow what a stunning view!

And while you are stargazing, why not make a wish of where you aspire your life to go and to grow. Dreams start with a simple wish and there is no better time to set your dreams into actions manifesting those dreams into reality.

This may require some changes, but by letting go of old, stagnant ways of being that are not serving you or those around you enables surrender to life unfolding into something even more beautiful and fruitful.

We are living in interesting times; there is uncertainty and at times a feeling of chaos in the air.

But within the cacophony, if you listen and tune-in, there is the melody and rhythm of the heightened potential for unleashing creativity and transformation.

This is a truly a unique time to emerge and foster into a new way of being. One that speaks to the higher expressions of yourself, and creates and nurtures a community and world reflecting those soulful values and aspirations.

We are empowered to transform into living in a world where higher aspirations and expressions become a sustainable reality that benefits all.

So consider, what are your higher-aspiration dreams?

No action, no word, thought, or deed is insignificant in our collective universal community. Each and every one of us does make a difference. So, if each of us takes time to reflect and then put into action even one small thing to help another, the impact collectively is awe-inspiring.

I have been reflecting on what I can do, what shifts can I make to move towards my dream. So, I am taking small steps and learning as I go.

One thing I do know is that great joy and happiness comes from helping others, and by doing so you make a positive difference.

But, there are so many ways in which to do this! And my head is dizzy with thoughts and ideas. So, my own personal reflections involve taking a deep breathe, slowing down and looking at what specific direction to move towards and considering how best to put it into action? I remind myself to practice vinyasa krama (step-by-step) off the mat and bring that steadiness into my life and manifest my dream.

This month, I especially encourage you to take time to assess where you are in life, to consider what your thoughts and feelings are about the world around you and to self-enquire.

Look up to the night sky for inspiration, reflect on what dreams you have? What changes, shifts or letting go needs to happen in order to enable a move towards making those dreams a reality? This surrender will bring freedom!

And if we are all here to help each other (which we are,) how can that higher aspiration to serve others be a part of your dream?

And it is important to consider how you need to nurture yourself in body, mind, soul and spirit so you have the vitality to see through whatever actions you need to take and move towards your dream way of being.

Each of us is the dream-catcher, is the dream-maker and the dream-doer!

You are the Dream Catcher. You are Unity (artist unknown)

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Sadhana? Say What?

Chinese New Year of the Dragon & The Aquarian New Moon!

As the Chinese New Year arrives on the 23rd February, we enter the year of the Dragon, considered a highly auspicious and abundant symbol for the year ahead. Bring it on!

On the same day we experience the phase of the moon in the New Moon.  This moon phase is the Aquarian new moon and is considered an auspicious and fruitful time for seeding ideas to transform yourself and the world around you into an expression of the higher aspirations of living. Wow, I’m ready!

So what next? The new moon (as well as other phases of the moon, like the full moon) is a moment that I choose as an opportune time to look inward and to take a little time in self-reflection.

At these times, I set or renew aspirations for actions and/or thoughts that will nurture and inspire me to move towards the higher expressions in my life – and as much as is possible, might benefit all others as well.

I believe and truly feel that out of the seeds of our ideas grow our reality, and I would encourage you to also take some time do the same, to reflect and to put your Sadhana into action.

Sadhana? Say what? “What is sadhana? It’s a committed prayer. It is something which you want to do, have to do, and which is being done by you. … Sadhana is self-enrichment. It is not something which is done to please somebody or to gain something. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

And even if you disagree with the concept around ideas creating reality or are perhaps you are not sure about it?  A little time “to bring out your best,” to self-reflect and nurture is surely something that might be worth trying and you might even find it enjoyable. After all we find life nourishment and positivity in so many ways!

I have a special sadhana journal that I like to keep by my bedside.  I note the date I have chosen to write each of my sadhana entries, along with any relevant thoughts, ideas or things going on in my life that feel significant in that given moment. (and sometimes include a little doodle too!)

Some of my sadhanas seem to be repeated over and over again for months on end, others are but a single entry, but I find the what I call “my sadhana practice” offers me inspiration and focus, and acts as a quiet, steady support from myself to myself.

“Your ideas do impact not only the quality of your life, but of those around you.” ~Andrew Smith

So what are you waiting for? Get your Sadhana into action!

And I truly hope you find that this simple but amazing practice is inspiring & promotes your own awareness and knowing of our inherit union.

“Lokah Namaha Sukino Bhavantu” 

May all beings be free and happy, and may my thoughts, words and deeds contribute in some way to that freedom and happiness.

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